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A TAULA! - Peus de Porc

The Ogre is about to eat a vegetable soup when, at the door, a child appears for cover ...
The joy of the Ogre is infinite!
But the child is cold, hungry, thirsty ... and the Ogre can not eat a cold and hungry child.

  • Discipline:
  • Duration: 45min
  • Audience: Children
  • Language: Cat / Cast

FIVE DIFFERENT STORYS - Produccions Essencials & Acetato Teatro

Not available in English

  • Discipline: puppets / object theatre
  • Duration: 60min
  • Audience: Children
  • Language: català, español

CIRCUMLOQUI - Peus de Porc

Circumloqui has set up its stage at the top of a motorized tricycle and prepares to act on all the town.
Travelling puppet show wich mixes humor, home engineering, and live music. Launched in 2010, has been featured in major trade fairs in Spain; Namur en Mai, Belgium; La Strada of Bremen, Stamp of Hamburg and Performance Paderborn in Germany; Festival Mondial de Marionnettes de Charleville, France; and the London Outdoor Arts Festival (cultural program of the Olympic Games) in London, UK.

  • Discipline: puppets / object theatre and music
  • Duration: 45min
  • Audience: all
  • Language: gestual, no words

COLLAGE - BotProject

Two men hanging in the air and ready to jump into the swimming pool under the seriousness and responsibility required by the script. A trampoline show plenty of fun for all ages and public, acrobatics, balances, jumps challenging gravity, all sort of objects manipulation and a high dose of humor. Audience Award of the Festival de Teatro de Villanueva de la Serena. Nominated for the Zirkolika 2010 Circus Awards as Best Street Circus Performance.

  • Discipline: circus
  • Duration: 35min
  • Audience: all
  • Language: No text

CUTTLAS, ANATHOMY OF A COWBOY - Produccions Essencials & Acetato Teatro

Cuttlas jumps from the comic strip to the theatre. Cuttlas, the popular cowboy of simple aesthetics created by Calpurnio two decades ago, jumps onto the stage to introduce us live into his own contemporary Far West universe. Nominee to the Premis Butaca de Teatre i Cinema Awards of Catalonia 2009. Press award of Festival Kontrapunkt 2008, Szczecin, Poland

  • Discipline: puppets / object theatre, music and theatre
  • Duration: 70min
  • Audience: adult
  • Language: cat, cast, engl, fr

EL NÏU - Dudu & Companyia

Chalk, clown and live music. Family friend, easy to travel, no need to set up, flat ground... A clown with bird soul captives us on ingenuity and insight, accompanied by sound and music, the street turns into a lively makeshift stage.
External view by Leandre Ribera
Played in Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, England and Russia.

  • Discipline: clown, puppets / object theatre and music
  • Duration: 40min
  • Audience: all
  • Language: gestual, no words

EL PORC FEROTGE - Produccions Essencials & Acetato Teatro

Not available in English

  • Discipline: theatre
  • Duration: 45min
  • Audience: all
  • Language: Català


The Space is a pioneer in its area and consist of quality, educational and recognized teaching guiding material. It stimulates values such as: Sharing, respecting, helping amidst laughs and emotions.
There are different areas: Psychomotor activity structures, Sensorial playing, Building (Blocks and jigsaw puzzles), Cereals sandy area, and Relax and quiet space

  • Discipline: other
  • Duration: 5h
  • Audience: Children
  • Language: No text

GRIS - La Corcoles

“Gris” is a dance-circus, gesture and poetry performance. A solo of tightrope walking as seen from the dance theatre. An intimate and delicate fairy tale for all the public.
Selected for Emerging Paths of Cirque-o! and the VIA Project 2012 circuit in France. Nominee at the Zirkolica Catalan Circus Awards for Best Emerging Performance / Company 2011, and Best Director 2012.

  • Discipline: circus and dance
  • Duration: 27min
  • Audience: all
  • Language: No text


Freser, one of the greatest acrobats of all times prepares once again his number helped by his disciple, Longi. This time things will be different.
A number of trampoline full of stunts, impossible balancings, humor and a touch of classic circus that will delight young and old.

  • Discipline: circus
  • Duration: 10min
  • Audience: all
  • Language: No text

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