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Circus, magic and object theater management.

Who we are and what we do:

  • Anna Montserrat / Cia. Xicana - Magic with unique personality, the female domain of close-up magic.
  • Bot Project - Trampoline full of fun for all ages and public, acrobatics, balances, jumps challenging gravity, all sort of objects manipulation and a high dose of humor. Audience Award Theatre Festival of Villanueva de la Serena. Nominated for the Zirkolika 2010 circus awards as best street circus performance.
  • Cia. Sifó - We like to think each project as a unique journey. And as we are alive and always moving we love living and ephemeral art : theater , circus , dance, storytelling , music. The art consumed in community, which is made possible in a limited amount of time and enjoyed in company.
  • Compañía B - Puppets and live music to tell stories to children and adults.
  • Dudu & Compañía - A clown with a child's soul that captivates for his ingenuity and insight.
  • Estropicio - Trapeze, hand to hand, acrobatics and chinese pole with high sense of humor. Nominees in the Circus Awards Catalunya Zirkolica 2011 and Selected in the European project Circ que o! 2011.
  • Gromic - The tenderness of laughter, the magic of simplicity. Artist inspired by the long tradition of European clown and magic. First Pirce in the 23th Gauklerfest 2011 - Attendorn, Germany. Nominated to the Ctalan Circus Awards 2011.
  • La Corcoles - Dance-circus, gesture and poetry. A solo of tightrope walking as seen from the dance theatre. Selected for Emerging Paths of Cirque-o! and the VIA Project 2012 circuit in France. Nominee at the Zirkolica Catalan Circus Awards for Best Emerging Performance / Company 2011.
  • Los Caneca - The acrobatics of friendship, the balance of the day. Award Nominations Best Catalan Circus Family Show 2010. Selected by the European project "Circ que o!" 2009. Off street winners of the Festival del Pilar de Zaragoza 2007.
  • Ne Me Titere Pas - Travelling puppetry, mixing humor, handmade engineering and live music. Repeatedly recognized for their first show "The farce of Mr. Rector".
  • Nuri Total - Music, dance and clown . The trio has recorded two albums and has performed in theaters and festivals.
  • Peus del Porc - Puppets. Xesco Quadras launches in solo after a long career with the company Ne Me titere Pas.
  • Produccions Essencials & Acetato Teatro - Theatre of objects in order to innovate and expand the traditional puppet theater. Nominee to the Premis Butaca de Teatre i Cinema Awards of Catalonia 2009. Press award of Festival Kontrapunkt 2008, Szczecin, Poland.
  • Vol De-ment - Aerial cradle. The founders of the company are Amanda Delgado, multidiscliplinar both in music and in theater and circus, and Jordi Serra Baleri hands in hands and currently discovering a new technique ...


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